VMware Partner

Complex solutions for IT infrastructure concerning: data center virtualization (vSphere), cloud management (vRealize), hyper converged architecture (vSAN) work station and portable devices (Horizon).

vSphere, vCenter

Enterprise class software for creating virtual environment on the basis of physical resources:

  • provision of server resources for the needs of shared virtual machines; administrating, provisioning high efficiency virtual machines
  • adjusting computing power resources to business priorities
  • migration of virtual machines between hosts and eliminating application downtimes during server maintenance
  • setting priority access to network resources, administrating and health monitoring
  • intelligent deployment, allocating, sharing, migration and monitoring of virtual machines memory and balanced overloading
  • maintaining high availability of all virtualized IT environment
  • maintaining constant application access to resources without any data loss; identifying and recovering data in case of application or server operating system failure
  • data backup with deduplication
  • profiling and automatic implementation of vSphere hosts
  • centralized management of vSphere platform
vmware hybrid cloud


vRealize Suite is a hybrid platform for cloud management which supports IT departments in quick application building in any cloud owing to safe and consistent operations. It provides infrastructure supporting main public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


Complete platform for virtual machines dealing with data base environment, virtual desktops and new generation applications critical for companies. It allows to maintain constant efficiency level and application availability, as well as safe upgrading of data centers, scaling IT infrastructure and IT costs control. New quality of service of hyper converged infrastructure taking into account hybrid cloud requirements. Seamless integration with vSphere.

VMware Horizon Workspace

Simplifying users work, enhancing security and decreasing costs of IT service by combining data and applications in one corporate class workspace supported on any device. Simple, centralized management based on set of polices which gives the users easy mobile access to data and applications any time and in any place.