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ThinkAgile Nutanix solutions

Nutanix is ​​a comprehensive, intelligent, software-defined, hyper-converged platform. It integrates computing resources, storage and virtualization features into one consistent system, easy to implement, maintain and expand. Based  on standard x86 servers without  an external storage, Nutanix  reduces costs, simplifies the architecture and shortens the implementation time of the solution. Nutanix software allows to create a virtualization platform, build a complete data processing center, cloud solutions, implement virtual desktop VDI infrastructure solutions or private virtual VPS servers. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, running on standard x86 servers, allows to starting from a 3-nodes cluster configuration, easily scalable by adding next single nodes. Nutanix software can run on the Lenovo ThinkAgile platform – certified and preconfigured nodes available in a wide range of hardware configurations allow them to be adapted to various types of workloads and requirements. Designed to be easily deployed and managed in scalable clusters, the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX series provides a combination of Nutanix software with Lenovo scalable servers. Appliances are delivered as fully integrated, tested and preconfigured kits with preinstalled software making them quick and easy and cost effective to install, deploy and maintain.


Key benefits of Nutanix HCI

  • provides a simple and modular solution for building a modern data center,
  • integration of the server and matrix layers on one platform allows for quick implementation of the virtual environment (from VDI to building a private cloud);
  • 100% software defined solution – services based on intelligent software;
  • increased efficiency of disk resources thanks to flash technology;
  • the scale-out architecture allows for easy and quick scaling of performance and capacity without affecting the production environment;
  • provides one management point;
  • allows to resign from expensive and complicated SAN networks.