We offer products and services of world’s largest IT technology manufacturers:

Lenovo – Microsoft – Hewlett Packard – VMWare – IBM – RedHat – Veeam

Hardware infrastructure – reliable hardware is the basis of IT system in any organization. We deliver, implement and maintain servers, mass storage, switches and all devices necessary to create a modern data center of any size.

Converged and hyper converged architectures – dedicated for virtualized and cloud platforms. Integrated and preconfigured systems include all the necessary elements of IT system. They combine full functionality of computing resources, mass storage and network devices in one solution. Easy deployment and management reduce the time and decrease the costs of implementation and maintenance of IT environment.

Virtualization of servers and mass storage – solutions that can provide the highest availability, efficiency and maximize the use of physical resources of IT infrastructure. Various applications and operating systems operating on one physical hardware platform decrease the cost of administration, provide high availability of applications. Moreover, it is possible to reduce the time of service for any business without the need of constant upgrading the hardware resources.

Backup systems – Backup creation, storing and recovery protects company’s data and if needed it enables the company to recover key business processes fluently.

Business class PC products – give employees access to company resources; reliable workstations, terminals and notebooks necessary in daily operations.