IntegraKom is an authorized Nagios partner

Nagios software

As an authorized reseller of Nagios, we offer market-leading IT infrastructure monitoring software. A centralized, industry-standard software suite enables you to identify and fix infrastructure problems before they affect your critical business processes.

Nagios XI

A flagship solution for infrastructure monitoring, market leading, meeting all current security requirements. Designed with both power and ease of use in mind, with the goal of monitoring IT issues simply and transparently while providing valuable information to support teams. The scope of monitoring may include all elements of the infrastructure – incl. applications, databases, operating systems, network protocols, management cards. Developing monitoring is possible thanks to the huge number of third-party add-ons available under the GPL license.

Nagios Log Server

Log management and analysis application that allows organizations to quickly and easily view, search and analyze logs from all devices. Nagios Log Server greatly simplifies the process of searching for data that is now in one place. Users can easily navigate to specific problems, enabling faster resolution and correlation of events across the infrastructure.

Nagios Network Analyzer

An advanced network analyzer that allows for active responses to incorrect and unintended network activities. Network Analyzer allows you to be proactive, the implemented tools allow you to provide information on bandwidth and network traffic and detect security threats before they affect critical business processes.

Nagios Fusion

Provides the ability to quickly identify and solve problems across the entire infrastructure before they affect critical business processes. Nagios remote servers spread the load of monitoring and performance graphs. The values ​​are available in the form of convenient info graphics or an event log. As the infrastructure grows, the monitoring environment can evolve without increasing workload or management requirements at the central node of the system.