IntegraKom is an authorized
GitLab partner

As an authorized partner of GitLab, we offer market-leading tools to facilitate the creation and development of software and applications.

GitLab partner IntegraKom

GitLab Inc. is an open-core company that provides GitLab, a DevOps software package that combines the ability to develop, secure, and operate software in a single application. GitLab is the most used DevOps tool – it currently has over 30 million registered users and over one million active license users, and an active community of over more than 2,500 contributors. The open source software project was created by Ukrainian developer Dmitriy Zaporozhets and Dutch developer Sytse Sijbrandi.

GitLab solutions are the result of cooperation between thousands of programmers active in the development community, based on the feedback obtained from over 100 thousand organizations using GitLab solutions to carry out their DevOps transformations. The GitLab community contributes code, documentation, translations, designs and product ideas based on their real-world challenges.

Gitlab DevOps Platform

The hosting website for GitLab development projects is based on the Git version control system and open source software. GitLab is the only comprehensive DevOps collaboration platform delivered as a single application recognized by multiple market analyst reports. It enables organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software quickly and efficiently, while enhancing security and compliance. Thanks to GitLab, each team in the client’s organization can jointly plan, build, secure and implement software in order to achieve business results faster, while maintaining full transparency, consistency and recognition.

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