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Thanks to cooperation with Elastic NV, we offer market-leading software for searching and analyzing information.

Elastic NV

Elastic NV is a US-Dutch company founded in 2012 in Amsterdam (and was previously known as Elasticsearch), specializing in search tools. It offers enterprise search, infrastructure monitoring, and security solutions that are built on a single, flexible Elastic Stack technology that can be deployed anywhere. Elastic also offers self-management and SaaS solutions for search, logging, security, observability, tracking and analyzing.

Elasticsearch technology use cases: application search, site search, corporate search, logging, infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, security analysis (also used to extend SIEM applications – Security Information and Event Management) and business analytics. Elasticsearch is used by eBay, Wikipedia, Uber, Tinder and Netflix.

Elastic Search partner IntegraKom

Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Enterprise Search (Elasticsearch) is the best tool based on the free and open Elastic Stack (ELK – Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana), used for building rich search functions, also enabling analysis of data collected by the enterprise. It includes a set of specialized tools and extensible APIs to help you build search functionality. Elastic Enterprise Search allows you to monitor performance and adjust the relevance of searches in real time thanks to the implemented, robust functions for data access, management, access control and scaling.

Elastic Observability

To effectively monitor and gain full insight into your own distributed systems, you need to have all the data on the so-called observability in a single stack, allowing for unified analysis of logs, metrics, APM and runtime monitoring.

The most widely deployed observability solution, built on the proven ELK Stack to converge metrics, logs, and traces, delivering unified visibility and actionable insights.

Elastic Observability centralizes the analysis of logs, metrics and tracking in one place. It makes easy monitoring the health and performance of your environment. To effectively monitor and gain insights across your cloud-native and distributed systems, you need to aggregate all your observability data in one solution. Elastic Observability is breaking down silos by bringing together application, infrastructure, and user telemetry data for end-to-end observability on a single platform. Elastic Observability increases developer productivity and speeds up analysis.

Elastic Search partner IntegraKom

Elastic Security

Elastic Security is a best-in-class platform for preventing, detecting and responding to threats, thanks to SIEM and endpoint security. Elastic Security unifies security on an open platform. It analyzes years of data, automates key processes, and protects every host. Its cloud version enables security teams to prevent, detect, and respond to threats at cloud speed and scale. Elastic Security v7.16 provides full attack surface visibility by securing endpoints with layered protection.

Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack is a leading enterprise search solution for cataloging and analyzing data collected in the enterprise. It enables reliably and securely take data from any source, in any format, then search, analyze, and visualize. Thanks to high scalability and flexibility of configuration, it allows for efficient collection, searching and big data analysis.