Synology IntegraKom
IntegraKom is an authorized
Synology partner

As an authorized Synology partner, we offer a full range of storage solutions – NAS servers and video surveillance systems designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for large-scale deployments.

Storage – NAS servers

A wide range of storage servers:

Tower servers

  • DiskStation Series – all-in-one data storage and management solution for small business and home use.

Rack servers for medium-sized enterprises

  • FS Series with Flash Drives – advanced high-performance solution with data protection features to streamline business and IT operations. Ultra-high performance, all-flash storage solutions for latency-sensitive workloads.
  • RackStation series – universal, reliable and high performance NAS solution platform for businesses of all sizes.
  • Highly Scalable SA Series – scalable enterprise storage solutions for high-performance and capacity requirements.
  • UC Series – dependable high-availability SAN for iSCSI & FC environments.
Synology partner IntegraKom

Solutions for video surveillance

  • Application – reliable and intuitive software that provides intelligent video monitoring and management tools to protect property and assets. Runs on all Synology NAS/NVR servers and works with a wide range of cameras and external devices. Its intuitive web interface and numerous features let monitor daily operations anywhere, upgrade surveillance storage easily, and record events smartly.
  • The NVR1218 recorder is an all-in-one solution, offering surveillance of small and medium-sized facilities, with the ability to display and record up to 12 IP cameras while being extremely energy-efficient. Thanks to the HDMI output, it can be operated without a computer.
  • The DVA3221 recorder offers advanced video signal management with analysis functions based on artificial intelligence. It generates real-time statistics and alerts for immediate action in case of problems. It supports up to 32 cameras and can be expanded with additional storage units.
  • VisualStation VS360HD – working with Synology NAS, VS360HD is an ultra-compact companion system with video output, offering features from Surveillance Station including live view and management tools.
Synology partner IntegraKom